CN-Celeb Speaker Recognition Challenge 2022 (CNSRC 2022)

The CN-Celeb Speaker Recognition Challenge 2022 (CNSRC 2022) aims to evaluate how well the current speaker recognition methods work in real world scenarios, usually with in-the-wild complexity and real-time processing speed. The challenge is based on CN-Celeb, a large-scale free database with the most real-world complexity so far.

CNSRC 2022 defines two tasks: speaker verification (SV) and speaker retrieval (SR). The SV task involves two tracks: fixed track and open track, and the SR task involves only open track.

Compared to other challenges/evaluations such as NIST SRE and VoxSRC, CNSRC 2022 holds the following features:

• It focuses on complex conditions and scenarios, in particular with multi-genre and cross-genre complexity.

• It settles tasks on both speaker verification and large-scale speaker retrieval.

Participation in CNSRC 2022 is open to all people who are interested in speaker recognition technology. The post-evaluation workshop will be held as a special event in Odyssey 2022. The participants are required to attend the workshop. Authors of high-rank systems will deliver reports, and accepted challenge papers will be presented as well.

For more details about CNSRC 2022, please visit here.